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There are many different types of Real Estate. Commercial real estate, industrial real estate, and special purpose real estate are some of the types of real estate available. Each type of Real

Estate will require a different type of buyer and an entirely different type of investment strategy. To get started, it is important to understand the basic definition of real estate. Real estate is any transaction between two parties that involves the purchase and sale of property. While real estate consists of land and any permanent improvements made to that land, a building or structure is also considered real estate.

Commercial real estate

There are several types of commercial real estate. Commercial real estate is generally categorized as one of three types: high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise. These properties are typically leased on long-term terms, and may have a variety of uses. Typical uses for office space include manufacturing, research and development, and retail. In some cases, the property may even be a special economic zone. Other types of commercial real estate include industrial buildings, office parks, and mixed-use space. More info


One benefit of commercial real estate is its attractive leasing contracts. Unlike residential properties, many commercial leases last for years and provide impressive returns. In addition, many of these lease agreements can be renewed annually. As a result, many commercial investors opt to handle the management of their own properties. However, this has its disadvantages. The benefits of investing in commercial real estate outweigh any negative aspects. So, how should you decide which type of property to invest in?

Industrial real estate

Originally regarded as a niche asset class, industrial real estate is experiencing a comeback as the global economy continues to grow. The increase in dot-com shopping and shipping has increased demand for suitable properties for distribution businesses. The new construction of enormous industrial properties shows that global demand for such properties is rising. Though it may lack aesthetic appeal, industrial properties have long-term viability and are future-proof.

Here are some reasons why industrial real estate is an excellent choice for your business.

The biggest market for industrial property owners is storage and distribution. After all, people love to buy stuff, and stuff needs a place to sit. That’s why many companies need a base for their overstock, vehicles, and equipment. In addition to warehouses, industrial property owners also frequently lease space to operate truck terminals and house large fleets of vehicles. These basic sites serve as intermediate sites for transportation, exchange deliveries, and refueling.


Special purpose real estate

Special purpose real estate is real estate that is specialized for a single purpose. This type of property is often custom built and is very valuable for a business. The use of a property will tie it up in a large way and may tie up a lot of value in a company. It is important to hire an expert in this type of property to guide you through the process. Special purpose real estate is also called specialty real estate.

There are two basic approaches to valuing this kind of property. The income capitalization approach estimates future income. It is most commonly used for office buildings, large apartment buildings, and shopping centers. The income capitalization method requires that you determine how fast the investment will pay for itself. The cap rate may vary from one property to another. When considering the value of a property, the valuation expert may choose to use either approach, or a combination of both.


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